Donnan BJJ Student-Athletes Shine At Local BJJ Tournament

This past weekend was Alberta’s largest BJJ tournament(The Mind, Body & Soul) and the BJJ Program students that attended ALL Placed in their respective divisions!

Selva Hernandez: 3rd Place- Highlight: In her second match she submitted (with a cross choke) a larger boy who was also a yellow belt!

Amine Hernandez: 3rd Place

Katie Antoniw: 3rd Place in Gi and Nogi- Highlight: In her second Nogi match she Submitted (triangle choke) a larger boy!

Shelby Dalton: 3rd Place in Gi- Triangle Choke to win the Bronze

Brett Dalton: 1st Place in Gi and Nogi- Highlight won 6 of 6 matches: 5 of 6 by Submission!

Liam Dalton: 2nd Place- Highlight- Submitted 1st two opponents with Triangle Choke. Lost by two points in the final to a Green belt who was 174lbs (24lbs heavier than Liam!)

David Elliott: 1st in Gi, 2nd in Nogi- Triangle Choked all his competitors (5 of 6)

Beckett Mackay: 1st Tournament!!! 2nd Place.

Please congratulate those that you see this morning for their great work representing themselves and The BJJ Program!