Facilities at Donnan Hockey

Student-Athletes at Donnan Hockey have access to the world-class facilities on the Donnan campus. Using these facilities, our student-athletes work every day on “Becoming More” both on and off of the ice.

The Skating Treadmill

The skating treadmill at Donnan is an integral part of Donnan Hockey’s curriculum. Included in our student-athletes’ schedule are multiple sessions each phase on the skating treadmill with a qualified power skating instructor, working on improving the foundation of their skating stride and building power, balance and first-step explosiveness to gain that edge out on the ice.

The Donnan skating treadmill also features cameras positioned for the side and back view of our student-athletes along with software capable of providing instant feedback on the skater’s stride. Nothing is more effective than video at showing the student-athlete where corrections can and have been made.

The Fitness Centre

The fitness centre at Donnan consists of equipment that has been hand chosen to maximize the benefit to our student-athletes in order to optimize their athletic development.

Part of the Donnan Hockey curriculum includes a systematic approach to training whereby student-athletes learn movement patterns throughout the school year that enhance their performance on the ice. A number of training parameters are explored including increasing power, speed, balance, strength, coordination, agility and flexibility.

Elementary student-athletes are given the opportunity to build the foundation of life-long fitness with a focus on balance, core strength and agility.

The Shooting Cage

Donnan Hockey student-athletes are provided access to work on their shot power, release and accuracy in our shooting cage.

A regulation net sits at the end of our netted shooting cage, which is built upon our plastic/silicon flooring to better represent ice conditions and help skills taught in shooting sessions be more easily translated to the ice.

Age appropriately weighted pucks are provided to our younger student-athletes so that they are not held back from learning skills that their older schoolmates are working on and heavy pucks can be provided to older student-athletes to work on their strength.