About Donnan Sport Fit

Who Said You Have To Choose?

10 Months……20+ Sports

The Sport Fit program at Donnan School is a unique multi-sport program. It is designed to allow students from Grades 3-6 learn the values of long term athletic development in a variety of environments.

Students focus on core subjects in the morning, and explore options and a variety of sports and activities in the afternoons.

Sport Fit is based on fitness, skill development, participation and sportsmanship, not to mention a good dose of health and wellness. Students are given the chance to develop all of the essential skills necessary for the complete athlete. It is ideal for students who want to sample a vast array of sports, or for students who want to cross train and focus on a specific sport.

Sport Fit is what you have been looking for!

If you’d like to see if Donnan Sport Fit is for you, Sign Up For a Shadow Day and contact our Campus Director Jory Stuparyk at jory.stuparyk@partner.epsb.ca