Ben, Grayson, Nathan

Donnan hockey


Name (age): Ben (10) Grayson + Nathan (11)

Grades: 5

Favorite skill to work on:

Ben: Speed and Acceleration

Grayson: Glove Hand

Nathan: Backwards Skating


What do you enjoy the most being in Donnan Hockey:

Ben: “That I get to go on ice at school and be with my friends and the coaches”

Grayson: “ All the kids are nice”

Nathan: “I get to practice hockey at school and get off early”


What part of the HHOF Tournament you most excited for:

Ben: “I am excited to play against some of the best kids from around Canada and USA. I am also excited      to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame”

Grayson: “ I am excited to see some Grant Fuhr gear at the HHOF and see the CN Tower”

Nathan: “I am excited to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame and play with a lot of kids that I know”


Check out Ben, Grayson and Nathan in action!