Jed Rutter


Jed_rutterOur grade 6 student, Jed Rutter, was chosen for the student-athlete by his peers. His family lives a very physically active life, so it came as no surprise that he not only joined Sport Rec in grade 4, but that he has excelled in the program.

Jed consistently demonstrates sportsmanship. He can always be counted on to encourage others. Jed is usually the first one to notice when someone has been hurt or looks sad, and makes sure that they are okay. He looks out for his peers, tries harder than most, makes everyone around him feel good about themselves, says kind words and brings out the best in the Sport rec group as a whole. Jed is a great role model for the program and looks forward to each activity, except cross-country running!

Outside of school Jed is also an avid skiier, rides horses, plays basketball, spends time in and on the water, and likes to play the drums.