Kaia Goodhope

Donnan bjj

Kaia_Goodhope Kaia Goodhope is enjoying her 4th year as a member of The BJJ Program. This is her second year in the Elite Program at Vimy Ridge (Grade 8) which allows student athletes the freedom to train in the afternoons and not miss academic programming.

Kaia has been an improving force in Jiu-Jitsu, training with The BJJ Program over six hours a week and adding an additional two hours a week at Professor Andrew’s dojo, Arashi-Do Whyte Ave, on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Professor Malin on Kaia –

“Kaia is one of the hardest working martial artists I’ve had the pleasure of training! She has a quiet intensity to her, a real drive to improve and discover what her potential in Jiu-Jitsu could be. As her Professor I look forward to having Kaia in class as she’s a great role model for the other students and is fun to be around! I look forward to watching her compete this year!”