Nolan Kazeil

Donnan hockey

Nolan KazeilNolan is a Grade 5 Donnan Hockey student-athlete. He has played 4 years at the Tier I level, this year as a defencemen for the KC Atom I Icemen. He is also an affiliate for Sara’s KC Peewee Tier II Royals team. He plays spring hockey with the ’04 Winterhawks and this year will be playing tournaments in Kelowna, Calgary and Regina.

His second sporting passion is baseball which he started playing around age 6. After his 1st year of Sr. Rookie baseball, he was invited to play for the NEZ Padres which is a program that runs at a provincial level, and wherein he was playing with kids 2 and 3 years older than himself. In May 2013, at age 8, he pitched his 1st inning of ball and got 2 strikeouts, which was a great achievement as he was an underage player at the time. He now enjoys being a pitcher, catcher and 1st baseman and hopes to play AA baseball in the near future.

Other notes of interest: he is a straight A student and visits the University of Notre Dame with his Dad every couple of years to watch the Irish football team.