Sabine Borradaile

Donnan bjj

Sabine Borradaile



Favorite Takedown: Double Leg Takedown

Favorite Position: Mount

Favorite Sweep: Pendulum Sweep from Closed Guard

Favorite Submission: Americana

My favorite aspect of being in the BJJ Program at Donnan is I like doing BJJ because I think it is fun and all the instructors are really nice. I started doing a sport called Judo when I was 3 years old. I remember when I would go to my jujitsu classes when I was young and seeing all the older kids and being afraid. When I went to my first tournament a few years ago, I remember my legs feeling like jello. Then once I did it I felt better. I think that I did really good for my first tournament because I got two medals, one 3rd place medal for a points only division, and a first place medal for the submission division. I have always kind of done it plus I think it is really fun and I enjoy it.


Check out Sabine executing a pendulum sweep to americana!