Hair Massacure

Donnan Raises 37k At Hair Massacure

The student-athletes and staff at Donnan participated in Hair Massacure again this year and it was a huge success! Hair Massacure is a “mass head-shave in Canada, raising funds to support children with life-threatening illnesses.”

Here’s a story from Ms. Locher from the event held at Donnan:


Jayde McNalley is in grade 5 in BJJ. She was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 2 and spent 3 years in the Stollery. She has been 5 years cancer free. She asked to shave last year but I told her to talk to her parents because it’d be toughest on them to see her with no hair again. She convinced them. She got her dad on board to shave too. The employees where he works, PIPEWORX, came up with $21, 970 for him to shave his mullet and Jayde to donate her hair and shave!!! Our school goal was $24,000 for me to shave. The students plus the donations from PIPEWORX brought us to an unofficial, but yet very accurate $37, 127…so I got to donate my hair and shave too!!!!

We had 4 BJJ kids shave, 1 donated and shaved!
We had 10 Sport Rec kids shave, 1 Sport Rec teacher donated and shaved!
We had 13 Hockey kids shave!
AAD had 27 of the 33 who shaved!
Even more participated in pinking and fundraising, and a big thanks to them as well!!!!!

Congratulations to all of the participants from Donnan, showing that “Becoming More” is more than just excelling in your sport of choice.