Professors Malin and Gummer Train with BJJ Legend Eduardo Telles!

Professor Malin and Professor Andrew travelled to San Diego November 14-18th for the International Bullying Prevention Conference. While they were in San Diego, they managed to meet up and train with BJJ legend and World Champion Eduardo Telles! Professor Telles is known for his use and development of the “Turtle Guard” making it far more than a defensive position.


“I’ve modeled my game after Professor Telles, I have all his DVD’s and watch his matches on youtube in order to study his game and attempt to understand all the intricacies of his techniques. It’s absolutely amazing to be able to work with Professor Telles in person! To be on the mat with someone you look up to and admire as well as being able to ask specific questions and feel him execute the techniques is such a BJJ specific opportunity! What other sport can you train with the best in the world in a one to one situation? AWESOME!”

– Professor Malin

After the session, Professor Malin presented Eduardo with one of The BJJ Program’s belt turtle logo underarmour t-shirts.