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Donnan BJJ Assists Dojo In Brazilian Favela

Donnan BJJ trains its student-athletes within the disciplines and tenets of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but just as big as working on sweeps and guards is being a positive force in the community.

Sometimes that community stretches outside of Canada.

Over the past few months, Donnan BJJ student-athletes raised $1500 to help a BJJ dojo located in one of the biggest favelas in Rio De Janeiro. World-champion Donnan BJJ student-athlete David Elliott travelled to Rio as an ambassador of Donnan BJJ and presented the dojo with the donations.

This dojo is operated by a BJJ black belt who does not charge any of the kids to train. The mission of the dojo is to help keep these kids off of the streets and out of gangs. Through training at the dojo, many kids are provided stability in a life of uncertainty and survival.

The dojo relies on donations to provide a safe place for these young martial artists to train. Through the generosity of Donnan BJJ’s student-athletes, the dojo has been able to install new lighting, new mats, concrete walls and new gi’s for the students.

Check out the pictures to see the impact Donnan BJJ student-athletes have made in other kid’s lives, thousands of miles away.

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