Donnan BJJ Affiliates With Eduardo Telles

The BJJ Program has become affiliated with BJJ World Champion Eduardo Telles. Professor Telles’ headquarters for his Team 99 is in San Diego and The BJJ Program along with BJJ Program assistant instructor Professor Andrew’s Method BJJ are the first to join his team in Canada. The meaning behind the name “99” is a reference in proximity to the number 100 which means perfection, the goal of Professor Telles.


The affiliation brings with it many opportunities for BJJ Program students. This includes a place to train prior to any of the IBJJF tournaments held in California, IBJJF recognized belts/gradings, seminars/classes in Edmonton and at Donnan with Professor Telles when he travels to Edmonton (minimum once a year). The affiliation also means that Professor Malin has a teacher/instructor to continue his development as a BJJ Player and teacher. He can be graded and awarded degrees on his black belt that will be recognized by the IBJJF which in turn will allow him grade his students with the same results.

Professor Malin:

“I firmly believe in being a life-long learner, without guidance it can become difficult to know you’re moving in the right direction. Every time I’ve had the opportunity to train with Professor Telles I’ve come away inspired, full of knowledge and with a determination to find more questions that require answers in my BJJ journey. It is so nice to have a direct line to someone who can help me find answers to those questions! I personally, have been watching, learning and modeling my Jiu-Jitsu style after Professor Telles since I received my brown belt back in 2009! I’m very excited to be able to give my students access to an instructor that not only is considered a legend in our sport but who is also a fantastic human being!”