Donnan BJJ News – More Medals And A Visit From A Legend

The flights are booked and confirmed for BJJ World Champion, and our affiliate head instructor Eduardo Telles to come to Edmonton!

The student-athletes of the Donnan BJJ program are studying up on Eduardo Telles Moreira’ jiu jitsu in preparation for training with him on his first Canadian trip April 28-May 2. Eduardo will be coming to his affiliates, Method BJJ and The BJJ Program!! Method and Donnan BJJ student-athletes can look forward to Eduardo teaching classes, and everyone else can attend GI and no Gi seminars on the weekend! Open to all affiliations!!


One of the largest provincial GI Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, The Submission Ace Cup happened this past weekend and the BJJ Program had three competitors enter and medal.

Ayden Sagert (9 Years Old) competed in the 12 year old division and was able to secure a bronze medal against older more experienced competitors.

Seth Athanasopoulos competed and with a couple big wins earned a silver medal in the round robin competition.

Dustin Leuke secured a bronze medal in a really tough division, a real accomplishment considering how sick Dustin was the day of competition.