Donnan BJJ Student-Athletes Learn From World Champion Eduardo Telles

Donnan BJJ student-athletes welcomed a very special guest to their dojo last week: World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor Eduardo Telles. Professor Telles is widely known as one of the most creative BJJ practitioners in the world and helped advance the turtle position, inventing several attacks from the position thereby creating the “Turtle Guard.” He then used his newly created turtle guard to win a world championship.


Professor Telles came to Donnan BJJ from San Diego to teach the student-athletes some techniques, and they loved learning about the turtle guard and adding it to their game.

To see some techniques from Professor Telles, watch the bottom 6 videos here.


As a part of Professor Telles visit, he awarded Donnan BJJ’s Professors Curt Malin and Andrew Gummer their 1st stripes on their black belts! Congratulations to Professor Malin and Professor Gummer.